With Corby Car Care, You’re In Dangerous Hands.


If you don’t know your reputable garage from your cowboys then Corby Car Care Centre is the place for you. Our overworked mechanics will have you off the road in no time, no matter how small the problem. With prices that multiply after initial quotes and customer service that makes you feel as insignificant as you are.

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Making Money

“Pay up or we’ll keep your car” remember that phrase, it’s our motto. But don’t forget, we’ll probably increase the price after initial quotations, and that is when we’ll drop that bombshell on you. Don’t think you have escaped it when we tell you it’s a “worst case scenario” price, that’s just sales patter.


Doing Little Work

While we enjoy your money, actually doing the work takes, well, work. We would rather skip as much of that as possible that and drop our famous motto on you. Don’t worry, we will tell you it is all well and good, even if you can clearly see it isn’t. Just make sure to check there are no tools under bonnet before driving off, that may cause issues.


Verbally Abusing You

Look, YOU. We have your car. Who does? We do. Want it? Great. Pay us this amount. Oh you think that is more than originally quoted, do I have to remind you who has your car? We do not care about you or your car, we care about your money, and our famous motto works better at getting that than great workmanship. Feel free to complain though, we don’t care.